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Sara Hauer

Sara Hauer

Sara Hauer is a student at UW-River Falls.

10 Nov 2006

Negative ads rule airwaves

After listening to campaign ads that seems to only attack other candidates instead of promoting their issues and values for the past couple months, I, like many other people, am extremely happy to say that it is finally over. There used to be a day when politicians created positive campaigns that did not send negative […]

27 Oct 2006

Campus digs deep for spirit

Since the year began, it has been difficult for me to find any school spirit whatsoever. It really seemed that support for athletics or any organization for that matter did not exist here at UW-River Falls. But as soon as Homecoming week began so did the support for the school, and as the week progressed I was surprised to see that nearly every group and organization supports each other in at least one way.

13 Oct 2006

UW-RF professors deserve more respect

As a relatively new student at UW-River Falls, I still find it extremely difficult to watch students walk nonchalantly out of a lecture like it’s no big deal. It is completely appalling to watch people treat professors with such disrespect.

29 Sep 2006

Greek life differs from Hollywood’s take

During my first campus tour around this time last year, I was asked, “Have you ever thought about going
Greek?” Initially I said, “No.”