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August 10, 2022


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Samantha Harkness

13 Dec 2012

Value of college degree being challenged

There has been some debate on whether or not higher education is worth the time and money anymore.

06 Dec 2012

Fire takes home of staff member

On Nov. 13, UW-River Falls Greenhouse and Field Plot Manager Dan Waletzko and his family experienced a great tragedy. They lost their home to a devastating fire in River Falls near the Knowles Center.

29 Nov 2012

UWRF email vulnerable to spam

Every day students at UW-River Falls receive countless emails. Most of the time, it is spam.

15 Nov 2012

Social media link to political participation

Social media are becoming more widely used in gathering political information, as well as people expressing their own political opinions online.

08 Nov 2012

Cascade finally open to vehicles

After months of construction, Cascade Avenue is finally re-opened.

01 Nov 2012

UWRF political groups agree on encouraging students to vote

The College Republicans and the College Democrats are putting forth their best efforts to encourage all students on campus to vote.

25 Oct 2012

Voter registration open to students

With the presidential election just a few short days away, several students have yet to register to vote.

18 Oct 2012

Campus prepares for new facelift

UW-River Falls is remodeling the campus once again. There is talk to redesign both the campus mall and Rodli Commons.

11 Oct 2012

UWRF, UW-System notice enrollment decreases

The entire University of Wisconsin System has experienced a decrease in enrollment for the 2012 fall semester.

05 Oct 2012

Election issues open for discussion, dialogue at Junior’s

With the next presidential election coming up soon, the students are becoming aware of important issues. Junior’s Bar and Grill will be hosting two speakers that will be discussing some of these issues.

Samantha Harkness

Samantha Harkness is a journalism major at UW-River Falls. She loves reading, writing and watching movies.