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Joe Eggers

Joe Eggers

Joe Eggers is a fifth year senior from Appleton, Wis. He is a political science and international studies major. He has been involved in several activities on campus, including a stint as last year's Student Senate president.

08 May 2008

The United States falls short on humanitarian aid

The United States is the world’s lone superpower. Whether you like it or not, the U.S. is the strongest power in the world; it has more resources, more money and more sway than any other nation. The U.S. uses this power to shape global policy. It uses its power to affect diplomatic relations with countries […]

23 Apr 2008

Skyrocketing oil prices won’t stop plummeting resources

It’s not a big surprise, but Exxon Mobile has posted its largest ever earnings. According to the most recent issue of Fortune magazine, Exxon Mobile made over $40 billion in profits. How couldn’t it? Gas in River Falls has spiked dramatically in the past few weeks. Currently at a price of around $3.40 a gallon, […]

17 Apr 2008

Student Senate members could influence tuition cost

A few weeks ago, the Student Senate approved a motion that will increase the student contribution to the new health and human performance building on campus. The increase in the student fees for the building comes as a result of the increased cost projected for the building. It’s not a surprise. Every year, a student’s […]

11 Apr 2008

Celebrities spend too much time lecturing

You might have heard the news that Charlton Heston has passed away. Heston made a name for himself with conservatives as the president of the National Rifle Association. You may not believe it, but Heston also had a very successful movie career. Don’t believe me? Look it up. He was Moses, Ben Hur and ate […]

03 Apr 2008

Maturity issue runs throughout lifetime

Last Tuesday was a day I’d been dreading for the past seven months. While the world carries on the day-to day-business of existence, I’d been counting down the days, waiting in dread. For elementary age kids across the country, April Fool’s Day has been the only day on which practical jokes and pranks are not […]

27 Mar 2008

Super-delegates may make the final decision

America is a nation built on democratic principles. Every citizen has a vote and right to cast that vote. Regardless of political affiliations, almost every political party in the United States believes in that basic principle. The Democrats believed that only individuals with a lot of influence would know what is in the best interest […]

26 Mar 2008

Student administers pre-study abroad advice

By the time you read this I will be in Berlin. As an international studies major I’ve put off going abroad about as long as I could. Actually, since I’m graduating in May, this is really as long as I could put it off. I’ve been busily packing my oversized backpack and dealing with the […]

12 Mar 2008

Obama’s hopes appear intangible

What is the deal with Barak Obama? He is politically inexperienced, has plans which can potentially devastate the U.S. economy and he is getting votes by the millions. How can a candidate preaching mainly change sweep across America like a California forest fire? America’s youth are turning out by the millions to caste their ballot […]

28 Feb 2008

Future graduates cannot hide from unclear futures

There is a five-pound gorilla in my room. I’ve carried it around with me for the past four and a half years, from one house to another. I’ve tried everything I can do to avoid it. I’ve stuck it in the corner, covered in the assorted junk that sits around my room. In the end, […]

21 Feb 2008

Students should take voting role seriously

As I write this, the polls haven’t closed yet. In fact, they haven’t even opened. However, I can predict what will happen. I’ve seen it before. Students will turn out for Tuesday’s primary election late and vote for a number of candidates they haven’t even heard of. It’s doubtful that many of them will have […]