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November 28, 2022



Brad Caskey

13 Dec 2007

Professor gives leadership tips to grads

On Saturday, a cohort of undergraduate and graduate students will walk across the Knowles Center Stage to receive their UW-River Falls diploma. Despite the variety of colleges and majors represented, my one hope is that all will prove to be effective leaders in their careers and communities.

29 Nov 2007

Faculty advises for semester’s end

The end is near! Finals week begins in just three weeks, many class projects are due in the next two weeks and my guess is that something else significant is on your plate for this coming week.

01 Nov 2007

Managing time is key for success

In last week’s Student Voice column, Brian Schultz, Associate Dean of the College of Business and Economics, presented some terrific advice about managing your money. I am going to continue with the management theme but in this case focus on something even more important than money, that being time.

04 Oct 2007

Adversity defeats today’s teens

As we approach the sixth week of the semester, signs of fall are around us. Shorts and t-shirts have given way to jeans and sweatshirts. Leaves have begun their annual transition to glorious shades of red, yellow and orange. The Packers and Vikings have played their first game. And the X-factor is about to strike! For those unfamiliar with this tradition, let me enlighten you.

03 May 2007

Up-and-coming technology predicted to include 3-D, high-tech features

Column Written by Guest Columnist, Brad Caskey For the final column in this series on the changing nature of education, I have been asked to look into my crystal ball and predict the types of technological advances that are likely […]

Brad Caskey

Brad Caskey is dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. A 1980 UWRF alumnus, Caskey has received numerous awards including UWRF Distinguished Teacher (1997), UWRF Advisor of the Year (2004), and the Regents Award for Teaching Excellence for the UW System (2005).