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September 26, 2023


Light Rain

Alicia Carlson

25 Apr 2013

UW System heating plants under threat of privatization

Gov. Scott Walker is seeking to sell Wisconsin’s 37 power plants located at state facilities. His plan is to use the money to fund a part of his two-year $6.4 billion transportation plan.

15 Nov 2012

Destination program faces student involvement decline

Despite its success at UW-River Falls in the past, the Destination program, which is a volunteer program that sends students on local, domestic and international service trips, has lost volunteers.

05 Oct 2012

Guest shares his experience of living in two-mother household

Guest speaker, Zach Wahls (second from right), is pictured with students Michael Salazar, Courtney Bergstrom and Sarah Turf after sharing his experience growing up with his two mothers in Iowa. When he was 19, Wahls testified at a court case […]

Alicia Carlson