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November 28, 2022



Elwood Brehmer

05 May 2011

Unique features of UWRF should be embraced as the year comes to a close

UWRF, or Moo U as it’s known by the cynical, is an underrated university in an underrated city.  The Moo U label should be embraced.  The rodeo alone is sufficient bragable material.  It’s the most audience-friendly, interactive collegiate event I’ve […]

28 Apr 2011

Reasons for bitter spring season weather

Announcing that it’s been cold is nothing to stop the presses for, but I’ll announce it anyway.  It has been cold.  Not complaining; just stating facts.  I scold those who whine about things out of their control, so I’m not […]

21 Apr 2011

Paying taxes shows financial stability

Every year, the taxman cometh.  This year he came a few days later than usual, on Monday April 18.  Typically he comes to the door on April 15, but the powers that be decided celebration of Emancipation Day should not […]

07 Apr 2011

Save for reasonable expenses rather than new technology

When I first applied to UW-River Falls in the spring of 2004 tuition I remember tuition being roughly $2,000 a semester.  This year tuition for a Wisconsin resident such as myself was $3,447 a semester.  Now, seven years is a […]

01 Apr 2011

Increased tournament field ruining college basketball

With Butler playing VCU on Saturday, an eight-seed or lower will play in the NCAA championship game for the first time since eighth-seeded Villanova won the National title game 26 years ago.  VCU is in the tournament only because the […]

24 Mar 2011

Reminder to make your voice heard through Conservation Congress

Complaints about government not hearing the public’s voice are as old as time.  Once elected, officials seem to go deaf and grow blinders in the face of public opinion.  We can hear the cries from Madison.  We heard much the […]

10 Mar 2011

Twitter brings social media into the real world of online business

Last week I ended my column with #fishnerds.  To those of you on Twitter, that was just an odd placement of a hashtag. To those of you who are not it was just ugly grammar.  To those who are not […]

03 Mar 2011

Anglers prepare for spring fishing

It has already been the snowiest winter in over a quarter-century and we are staring at the prospect of another storm early next week. Wednesday arrived with zero degrees, yet spring is almost here. The Mississippi River does not freeze […]

24 Feb 2011

The Food Network provides life lessons

Catching a ride on the reality TV wave along with the Bachelors, the Survivors, and the Snookies has been the celebrity chef.  Bobby Flay was an extraordinary chef, but not a famous one until Food Network unveiled “Iron Chef.” Until […]

17 Feb 2011

Wisconsin government controversy rises throughout UWRF campus

Campus is abuzz with talk of unruly government, protest and workers’ rights.  Madison closed its public schools Wednesday because it couldn’t replace all the teachers that called in so they could have their voices heard at the capitol.  Democracy is […]

Elwood Brehmer