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November 30, 2023



Women’s lacrosse returns home, wins 3 straight

April 21, 2023

UW-River Falls Women’s Lacrosse returned to Ramer Field on March 20, hosting their first home game of the season. Following their 15-2 regular season last year, the Falcons opened their 2023 campaign 1-3 before returning to the nest for three straight home matchups. 

The College of Saint Benedict visited Ramer Field for the inaugural game of their women’s lacrosse program. Experience quickly outmatched them, as the Falcons grabbed the lead and locked it for all four quarters. Midfielder Bailey O’Donovan climbed to double-digit goals on the year, scoring twice in the first quarter. Emily Herdine and Grace Hannula were equally busy, each putting in three goals to finish the night. River Falls emerged from below-freezing temperatures and finished the Bennies 16-5. 

The Hamline Pipers were the next bounty on the Falcon’s list. Both teams fought early, and with two seconds left in the first quarter, the Pipers put in a goal cutting their deficit to one. This frustrating miscue ignited an offensive blitz from the Falcons, who went on a 7-0 run in the second quarter. Josie Johnson had four goals in the first half, followed by Sydney Chance-Farley with three. The Falcon’s defense left few windows open in the second half, and Hamline only managed three goals. River Falls latched a final score of 20-6, bringing them to .500 on the year. Josie Johnson had the highest-scoring game of any Falcon this season, grabbing an unfair seven goals against a Hamline team without answers. 

The University of Northwestern Eagles were the final visitors on the Falcon’s home tour, riding an impressive 4-2 record. Following a tight first quarter, River Falls overpowered the Eagle resistance and led 11-4 to end the first half. Kyla Palo and Grace Hannula directed the offense, recording three goals a piece at the half. The Eagles came in averaging over fifteen points a game but were diminished by the Falcon defense. Goalie Abby Hammond gave up only two goals in the second half and planted the Falcons in a triumphant 17-6 victory. 

A slow start dulled the Falcon’s season, but three straight home victories set them back on track for 2023. River Falls blew each game wide open in the second quarter with a combined run of 22-4 against their opponents. These dominant runs gave the Falcons a cushion on defense, and they only allowed a combined eight goals in the second half. River Falls will be taking their talents on the road for their next three matchups, hoping to produce the same blowouts as at Ramer Field.