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November 28, 2023


Peer mentoring program assists first-year students

November 13, 2021

The Aspire program is a mentoring program for first-year students who are first-generation college students, are low-income, or are a student of color. It is geared to helping them be successful in their college careers.

“It’s a peer mentoring program. It’s really just to help support and foster the relationship here on campus,” said Maikou Lor, the Aspire program coordinator.

The students that are in the program are paired with a peer mentor who is an upperclassman. Their peer mentor helps them throughout their first year of college.

“Their peer mentor is there to help them throughout the year if they have questions about things, whether it’s where their classes are or just any campus questions that they have,” said Lor.

The Aspire program has social, academic and resources events for the members to help them build their network here on campus. The events help them to connect with some of the different student services and student organizations that are on campus. The events also work to help students to meet new people and form new friendships with people on campus.

By attending these events students in the Aspire program can earn up to $500 towards undergraduate research, studying abroad, or for pursing internships.

Students need to fill out an application to become part of the Aspire program. The application can be found online on the Aspire program page.

The only criteria to apply is that the students must be a first-year student and be either a first-generation college student, identify as low-income, or identify as someone from an underrepresented background. Other information, such as major interests and club interests, are on the application as well and will help the student to be paired with the best peer mentor for them.

Students are accepted on a rolling basis so they can apply anytime throughout their first year and they will be accepted as long as they meet the requirements and there is space available in the program.