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October 1, 2022



Canadian photo lecture at University of Wisconsin-River Falls

October 1, 2018

On Wednesday, September 19th, The University of Wisconsin- River Falls campus invited the public to listen to Geography and Geographic Information Science Professor, Charles Rader, as he presented, Canoe Country- Wabakimi Provincial Park, for the university’s Year of Canada.

The lecture took place at Chalmer Davee Library where campus faculty and public members gathered around to listen to Rader speak about different aspects of Canada. The lecture focused primarily on the canoe and the importance of the canoe in Canadian traditions. Rader also included a series of photos and anecdotes regarding his own camping experiences in the neighboring country.

Rader’s presentation contained information, images and quotes alongside supplementary materials in which he provided to add to the visual nature of the lecture. Throughout the presentation he emphasized the major roles in which canoes played and continue to play a significant part in Canada. He later went on to discuss a variety of topics oriented around the canoe such as canoe types, fur trade routes, trading posts and voyagers.

When Rader concluded the information segment of his lecture he then showcased a series of photos that he had personally taken during his time in Canada. Many of these photos consisted of the country’s landscape/features, specific landmarks, and different types of canoes. Small conversation began to arise in the room as Rader’s photos prompted audience members to not only interact with one another, but also to raise their hands and ask him different questions regarding the country in general, or about his personal experiences. When asked what advice he would give someone looking to take a canoe trip similar to his own, he emphasized the ability to disconnect from technology and of course to learn how to paddle.  In addition to showcasing his photos, and answering questions, Rader also went into detail explaining what happened behind the scenes as he converted all his photos to black and white for the photo exhibit.

For those who missed Rader’s lecture, there are still opportunities to observe his photographs.  Wabakimi Provincial Park Photo Exhibit will be on display in the Harriet Barry Gallery located on the first floor of the Chalmer Davee Library until Monday, October 29th, 2018. Rader’s photos will also be available for purchase, and proceeds will be donated to the university’s study abroad program, to help students study internationally.

Rader encourages students to partake in the Year of Canada events on campus, as he believes it can be a helpful way to understanding more about Canada and their traditions. Rader states, “They’re our neighbor, and we know so little about them.” Rader also mentioned that if students are interested in exploring Canada, there are exchange program opportunities that are available with Canadian universities.