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'Thor: Ragnarok' adds some metal to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

November 8, 2017

You may remember a time long ago when the Student Voice used to have a movie reviewer who went to the movies instead of staying home and watching Netflix, when the word "babe" had never graced the pages of this fine newspaper. Again, this was long ago.

So I went to the movies this weekend like the man before me. Only, you know, with my babe boyfriend and his great dad. And I watched the heck outta some "Thor: Ragnarok."

Now I’ve never watched a Thor movie, but I’ve watched the heck outta some "Avengers," "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Captain America" movies and have a general background in comic books (as those of you who read the viewpoints page might know).

And I was like, yeah, this might be boring.

My general exposure to Thor before this was minimal. In fact, I only really knew one thing and that was a vague description of him given by my father: “All of the covers look like Metallica album art.”

So I came in ready for basically anything, because Disney owns Thor and therefore there would be no rock 'n roll.

But rock 'n roll there was.

In the first five seconds or less, "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin started playing and immediately earned this movie five stars.

Thor was metal as heck.

It had lewdity, it had implied nudity, it had gratuity (shirtless men) and it was new to me.

I was laughing for like half of this movie because it felt like they basically told these actors to do whatever and they would make a movie out of it.

I can’t really describe parts of it because that apparently will ruin the other movies for you but I can say Thor has (more) sibling issues and has to drag other people in it to solve them (again).

Which is basically saying more than I should, but really, who even reads these reviews?

Anyway, there’s this drunk babe love interest lady who shows up and she’s metal as heck. She’s a Valkyrie, which isn’t really a spoiler because Thor realizes it right away and you know she’s going to be a main character. She enjoys drinking, fighting, and eating; all of which are relateable.

She’s also the strongest marvel female lead in a long time. She usurped Black Widow as the most okayest interpretation of women in the Marvel cinematic universe by not having a relationship built entirely off-screen with the most random member of the team.

Speaking of the Hulk, he shows up and is hulked out for most of the movie, which is a total downer. But then in the middle of the movie he just sort of tones down predictably and we get some Bruce Banner. I am all about that Mark Ruffalo Buffalo. Mark looked great, ten out of ten, wore skinny jeans and it was a good day on the babe scale for me.

Also, Thor got his hair cut so, babes galore in this movie.

Anyway, it was a great movie that just sorta recycled the plot of other Thor movies apparently? But I’d never seen a Thor movie so I didn’t really catch that. So that just sort of says that this is a good starting place for the Thor universe if you’ve never tried it.

The soundtrack was killer and I was pleased.

This album has gone platinum, baby.