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Action-packed 'The Fate of the Furious' makes for wild ride

April 18, 2017

With "The Fate of the Furious,” one of the most successful film franchises in history is back! Dom (Vin Diesel) has brought everyone together to create a family. However, in the middle of a job, he betrays his family and starts to work for Cipher (Charlize Theron). What does she have on Dom to make him turn on his family?

What started out as movies focused on street racing has over the years evolved into giant heists and saving the world. A lot of people have issues with this.

Why? Can you imagine how repetitive it would be to have movie after movie of just street racing? This series has continued to adapt to make each film bigger, crazier and, most importantly, different. After eight films, it is impressive that they have continued to keep it fresh and keep us guessing about what is going to happen next.

Speaking of keeping us guessing, ever since the first trailer was released, the world has been wondering why Dom would betray his family! This has been keeping me guessing and anticipating this film for months now.

While, of course, I can’t tell you what this reason is, just know that it is a good enough reason to justify his actions. This reason creates a lot of emotional scenes that bring some emotional depth to the films.

Now, I do have to say one thing: I feel like Dom could have communicated this reason to his family sooner. While it is a little frustrating, it would have hindered the grand finale without having that big reveal. I really do get it; I was just a little frustrated.

With the "Fast and Furious" movies, you have to go into the film knowing it will be over-the-top and unrealistic. If you go in with this understanding, then you are probably a big fan of the franchise. If you don't, then this movie and franchise is not the one for you.

"The Fate of the Furious" is no different than the rest with the giant, crazy special effects and action sequences. I went into this film wanting to be entertained and to see some really cool cars and some great action, and that is exactly what I got.

The two best aspects of this film both involve Jason Statham. The first is the dynamic between Statham’s character, Deckard Shaw, and Dwayne Johnson's Hobbs. They have this really awesome love-hate relationship that is hilarious to watch develop. For a part of the film, they are both in jail in cells across from one another, and their banter is terrific.

The second aspect is a scene during the grand finale that involves Shaw and something I can’t say. Just know that it will have you bursting out in laughter!

Being that the movie is two hours and 20 minutes long, there are some slower filler scenes that seem to drag on a little, specifically in the middle. When the action comes back, however, it sucks you right back into the film so it's nothing to worry about.

While this is not the best film in the series ("Fast Five" is my favorite), I do feel this is right up there in the running for second or third. Overall, it is a wild ride and I had a great time.