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Initiative must be taken to obtain internships

February 23, 2017

At this point in the spring semester, it’s safe to say that internship season is officially upon us.

Internships are clearly very important for us to obtain as students. Employers want to see that we have some relevant experience in our respective fields. In fact, many entry-level jobs want us to have a few years of experience in addition to being recent graduates.

As time-consuming as it may be, we need to take initiative when it comes to finding the right opportunities for ourselves. We can start by looking at some websites that post current listings. Hire-a-Falcon through the university is one option. As of Feb. 22, Hire-a-Falcon had 143 listings under its “internship” tab, which gives plenty of opportunities. Other websites list field-specific internships and are updated regularly, so search around and see what is out there!

Another thing we can do is attend career and internship fairs. Every semester, UW-River Falls holds its Career Fair, where you can talk with professionals and get an idea of the options available.

However, if you feel like your chances of seeing your interests reflected at a campus-wide event aren’t great, there are alternative events. We’re fortunate in that our campus is just a short drive from the Twin Cities, which means we have a whole other set of opportunities available across state lines.

While it’s satisfying to know that we have contributed to our own success in locating the best opportunities for ourselves, don’t overlook the possible help available on campus. Communicate your interests to your advisor. Make him or her aware of the kind of opportunities that interest you and what your future goals may be. That way, you might get some new leads if he or she stumbles upon something that might interest you.

The thought of applying for something and being rejected is scary. Of course, no one wants to be rejected. We have to remind ourselves to separate us from our qualifications. If you get rejected, it’s not that you aren’t right; it’s just that your qualifications are not what the employer needs at that current time. We have to get over that fear of rejection, because it is a part of life, and the worst that will happen is you get told no.