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February 3, 2023



Athlete of the Week: Taylor Karge

February 23, 2017

Taylor Karge, a junior from Mankato, Minnesota, achieved a career milestone this weekend by scoring her 1,000th point.

In the 81-60 win over UW-Platteville, Karge finished with 22 points and 11 rebounds. It was her third double-double this season and second in the last three games. She also passed 100 blocks in her career after getting three on Saturday. That puts her at third all-time in UWRF history and only 14 away from the career record. Last week, Karge scored 26 points, had 18 total rebounds and three blocks in two games.

Q: What has been the biggest obstacle for this team to overcome this year?

A: The biggest obstacle for our team has been adjusting to the fact that we are very different this year. I think that a lot of people, including us, thought that since we had most people back from last year we would have a similar season.

Q: What kind of feeling was it to achieve 1,000 points in only your junior year?

A: The feeling to hit the 1,000 mark was incredible, especially since it was only my junior year. I barely reached the milestone in high school and only got it in my last game. I feel like it means more to get it in college because there is more talent. The fact that I got it this year means that I have improved a lot since coming in.

Q: What worked so well against Platteville to get a much-needed win?

A: Against Platteville, we just played well. We stuck with what we are good at and had a great team win offensively and defensively.

Q: What has this team improved on the most this year?

A: I think we have come a long way on defense. We still experience short spurts where we can't put points on the board, but we have consistently been holding teams on [defense].

Q: What kind of mentality does the team need to come out with to compete against UW-Stevens Point and moving forward in the WIAC tournament?

A: Against Stevens Point, we just need everybody to be on board that this is a very winnable game for our team. I think our minds are in the right place for this one.

Q: What record meant more to you, the 1,000 points or 100 blocks? Why?

A: It meant way more to get the 1,000-point goal. I have had that as a goal forever. Blocks are cool but I usually only get them after I get beat [on defense] and I just make up for it.

Q: What has the biggest learning experience been this season?

A: The biggest learning experience has been learning to enjoy every moment that we have together. I think that is especially showing these last few games. We all want this to be the best possible experience for our seniors. We are so blessed to have the opportunity that we have to be playing in the first place. Every game is a blessing, win or lose.