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Recap of recent events closes semester

December 12, 2014

Before I begin, a quick shout-out to my fellow graduating seniors and super seniors -- we did it!

We survived “x” number of years of higher education and emerged, perhaps not unscathed, but supposedly ready to tackle the world. Cheers everyone and may you walk without any embarrassing stumbles this weekend.

By the time you are reading this, we will have less than a week left of the fall 2014 semester. Yikes, that went fast. Let’s look at the semester in retrospect; and if you feel like attempting to put it to the tune of ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire,’ more power to you: Year in China, ISIS threat, Scotland stays, Hong Kong vote, NFL domestic violence, Secret Service falls, air bag recall, U.S. Ebola, Ides of October, Canadian violence, World Series giants, Republicans stand, comet lands, same-sex rulings, Mexican students vanish, not enough evidence, Hagel severance, I can’t breathe, illegals don’t have to leave, and the beginning of the holiday season.

And that, in a nut shell, is a recap of the major events of the last few months. Any bit of it would probably be a good starting point for a discussion or paper in the months and years to come so if you need a jump off point for conversations with family, take your pick.

Now that you remember what happened, go back to studying, writing, or even some much needed sleeping. Good luck with your finals and have a great Holiday Season.

Rachel Molitor is a student at UW-River Falls.