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September 25, 2022


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Another semester, another chance to broaden horizons

September 18, 2014

The staff at the Student Voice would like to formally welcome back all new and returning UW-River Falls students, faculty and staff. We recognize that without your support we would not have a platform to express our thoughts and showcase our budding skills.

September is already 19 days old and the fall 2014 semester is well underway, and we feel the need to remind students of their responsibilities as UWRF family members, as well as urge students to become involved in some form on campus.

We understand that being a college student, regardless of location or status, is full of obligations and challenges. You are obligated to maintain a level of academic excellence; you are challenged daily by your instructors to show up, be thoughtful and create something meaningful; but, as you know, students are always tempted to skip class, drink too many light beers, and be apathetic about their future. This does not have to be you.

We advise new and returning students alike to get involved on campus through a variety of avenues. This could mean joining one of UWRF’s many illustrious clubs or student organizations; attending various campus events, such as a volleyball match, Student Senate Cinema on weekends, an art exhibition or a job fair; or something as simple as playing intramural sports. These activities enrich the college experience.

Student life is not just about parties and freedom, it is also about meeting new people, indulging in new and sometimes strange experiences, reading not only out of necessity but also for pleasure, studying for a test because that is what is expected of you, learning to speak your mind, cheering for the red birds, and finding an identity.

A college education is a unique opportunity; do not throw it away. So many Americans will never have the opportunity to attend a college or university. Before you know it, your college experience will have passed you by. Remember why you are here, which is hopefully to earn a good college education.

Having personal issues? Contact Counseling Services. Want to know more about your student government? Attend a Student Senate meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays. Need help in the classroom? Contact Campus Tutoring Services. Want to meet new and interesting people? Be friendly in the classroom.

We urge students to take your education seriously, get involved on campus, support Falcons athletics, seek out obscure events and for crying out loud, have some fun doing it. We hope everyone has a tremendous fall semester.