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May 19, 2022




Academy Awards offers little chance of surprise winners

February 28, 2014

“And the Academy Award goes to...”

Few words can tie my stomach into knots quicker than those. Who knows where my undying love for this ostentatious, fussy awards show came from.

The Academy Awards, or Oscars, are not carefree like the boozy, unpredictable Golden Globes, my other favorite awards show. By the time the Oscars roll around at the end of February, awards have already been awarded at the aforementioned Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Critic’s Choice Awards and the BAFTAS.

The late placement of the Oscars means there will be few surprises. Everyone has a prediction or two.

The most interesting category for me this year is Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Lupita Nyong’o is the radiant red-carpet darling nominated for her role in “12 Years a Slave,” directed by Steve McQueen. Nyong’o’s main competitor is Jennifer Lawrence, who plays a stir-crazy housewife in “American Hustle.” Lawrence won at the Golden Globes and the BAFTAS but Lupita Nyong’o won at the SAG Awards and Critic’s Choice Awards.

As much as I love Lawrence, which is more than I care to admit, I would love to see Nyong’o win an Oscar. I have not seen “12 Years a Slave” yet, because the emotional impact is so great that I would rather watch it in the privacy of my apartment.

Lawrence played a fun character with fabulous costumes but Nyong’o played a deeply important character. Lawrence’s Best Actress in a Supporting Role win last year for “Silver Linings Playbook” was well deserved, but I wonder if her popularity this year is warranted.

Personally, I enjoyed Christian Bale’s performance the most in “American Hustle.” Of course, Louis C.K.’s minor role had me rolling on the floor with his regaling of the icefishing story.

As a lifetime Leonardo DiCaprio fan, I always cross my fingers that he will win his first Oscar. He has been a consistently good actor since he burst onto the scene playing a special needs teenager in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” He was robbed of the Oscar that year.

However, I am just not sure that “The Wolf of Wall Street” is the movie DiCaprio will win for. It seems too light of fare for the Academy Awards.

Watch for Barkhad Abdi. Abdi recently won the Best Supporting Actor BAFTA for his portrayal of a Somali pirate in “Captain Phillips.” Before becoming an actor and an awards season favorite, Abdi was a limousine driver in Minnesota.

The one thing I am most looking forward to is not an award. Idina Menzel, a Broadway veteran and a personal favorite for her characters in “Rent” and “Wicked,” will be performing the runaway hit “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen.” I am sure I will be replaying that performance on YouTube for a long time.

Amanda White is a junior majoring in journalism. She appreciates good books, good style, and good conversation.