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November 28, 2022



Letter to the editor

Television shows lower Americans’ IQ

October 24, 2013

I heard somewhere that the average IQ of Americans has dropped 14 points in the last 20 years.

Based just on what our country’s most popular television shows are, I believe the above number could be revised further downward. “Bad Ink,” “Duck Dynasty,” “Hardcore Pawn” and its spin-offs and a series where people bid thousands of dollars to win what is in abandoned storage units (lost Rembrandts and Amelia Earhart’s missing airplane have been found.)

I see “Hoggers” is returning. This is a highly intellectual series about a foul-tempered old cripple assisted by one or two scantily clad young ladies. Together, they chase wild pigs through swamps in the south.

The latest is the “Governor’s Wife,” featuring an 85-year-old ex-governor and his beautiful 35-year-old wife. I am not sure if the first episode will be a bank robbery or if they will run a marathon. Stay posted.

Last but not least is all the zombies, werewolves and vampires on TV. I thought my neighbor was a vampire. But it turns out he just has bad teeth.

If TV shows are not enough, just look at the proliferation of roundabouts. Enough said. If you watch the above TV shows, immediately deduct 7.8 off your IQ. If you believe roundabouts are cost effective and the answer to traffic problems, deduct another five points and go buy a Minnesota Vikings jersey with Christian Ponder’s name and number.

Marvin Nelson, River Falls