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Students should commend Student Life, not criticize

May 9, 2013

Most students at UW-River Falls are aware that Phillip Phillips will not be performing at Finals Fest on May 10.

Around campus, there are students who believe that the cancellation of Phillips was a product of Student Life dropping the ball on the concert. That could not be further from the truth.

Phillips had to cancel not only the concert at UWRF, but the rest of the concerts he was set to perform around the UW System.

The reason for the cancellation? Phillips has kidney stones.

Anyone who has, or knows someone who has, had kidney stones could speak as to how painful of an experience this is. Despite this, Phillips wanted to perform anyway, but his doctor would not let him.

Student Life had been working for about a year to get Phillips to come for Finals Fest before he canceled on Monday.

The amount of work that was put into Finals Fest quickly became for almost nothing. The plan was then to have Gin Wigmore, who was originally supposed to open for Phillips, become the main act. However, Wigmore will be unable to attend as well due to unforeseen circumstances.

To blame Student Life for the artists not coming to campus is completely ignorant and incorrect.

Through the whole process, Student Life has been working to make Finals Fest a great event for all students. Even through the adversity and cancellations, Finals Fest will go on.

In fact, Student Life, in a span of less than a week, has booked three different bands to play live music at Finals Fest.

The location and performing artists may have changed, but the atmosphere and fun that Finals Fest provides are still ready to go.

We encourage all students who were planning to go see Phillips to still attend Finals Fest.

In addition, be sure to thank any members of Student Life whom you either know, or see, on campus for a job well done.

If it wasn’t for them, we would not have gotten Phillips to come to UWRF in the first place.

If it wasn’t for them, we probably would not have a Finals Fest at all after the events of this week unfolded.

Instead of students complaining about Student Life dropping the ball on Finals Fest, they should commended for being able to bring us what should be another great Finals Fest.