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River Falls Public Library ushers in Easter with Peeps diorama contest

March 21, 2013

For the third straight year, the River Falls Public Library is hosting a Peeps diorama competition in the weeks leading up to Easter.

Events and Gallery Coordinator Jera Terreng is responsible for organizing the event each year and said the event has been growing by about 25-30 percent each year, in terms of dioramas entered.

This year there are 36 entries spread around three categories.

“There are two youth categories. One is for fifth grade and under, and the other is middle school and high school. The adult section is anyone who has managed to make it through high school,” Terreng said.

The 36 dioramas will be judged by a panel of three judges, with a winner coming in each of the three categories. Terreng said that choosing the judges is a bit random, but they look for people who have a good taste in aesthetics, but will, most importantly, have fun judging the dioramas.

“In the Peeps Contest, the prize is a toothbrush,” Terreng said. “Except that everyone gets one so it really isn’t a big deal. You do get your picture in the newspaper and we brag about whoever wins.”

Terreng said that community members also get very excited about the competition and added that people will come into the library just to look at the dioramas.

Terreng said that it is difficult for her to pick an all-time favorite diorama. She said that this year she likes the “Peep Art Museum,” the “Peep Conclave” and “Mitt Romney’s Binder of Peeps.”

While no UW-River Falls students entered the competition this year, student Stefanie Thorsen created a Peep diorama last year.

“One day I was driving by the library and I saw a sign for their Peep contest. I was intrigued but hesitant,” Thorsen said. She said that she was unsure of entering; both because of worries that her diorama may not be up to par with the competition, and that making a diorama out of food that would be thrown away might not be the best use of time. However, Thorsen entered the competition regardless.

“The prize advertised for winning was a toothbrush, so needless to say I wasn’t going to do it for the incentive,” Thorsen said. “But I got involved anyways. It was simply fun for me, and a stress relief from school work. I’m so glad I did it.”

Terreng said that she hopes more UWRF students get involved with the Peeps Contest and other library events, especially in the art related events. Thorsen agreed and said that, “I don’t understand why more people don’t get involved in the library events. They’re so fitting for college budgets and range to fit many interests.”

Terreng reminded students that they can enter the contest next year as it will again be held at the same time of year, a few weeks before Easter. The current dioramas will continue to be on display for a couple more weeks and can also be seen on the River Falls Public Library’s Facebook page.