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Go support Falcon women's hockey

February 28, 2013

The Falcon women’s hockey team is ranked No. 6 in the country. On March 1 they are hosting the second round of the NCHA O’Brien cup playoffs at Hunt Arena right here in River Falls.

While it is vital to support any of your classmates in their endeavors, be it athletics, arts, or in the classroom, we find it very troubling that the most successful sport at UWRF barely gets the support they deserve.

We have been spoiled at UWRF as the women’s hockey team has now won its third consecutive conference title. After seeing both the men’s and women’s basketball teams, the softball team and several track athletes make the NCAA tournament a year ago, the success of athletics was garnering national attention. The stands were packed and students showed generous support.

But where has that support gone?

In last week’s opening round of the NCHA playoffs, another game the Falcons hosted, there were only a handful of students at the game. This even after the athletic department offered free popcorn to every student in attendance.

Far too often we hear students complain that there isn’t anything to do at UWRF. Well, here’s a perfect opportunity to have some fun with friends, support your classmates, and see some of the best women’s hockey the nation has to offer.

The playoffs already make for an exciting atmosphere, but the staff of the athletic department and of Recreation and Sports Facilities makes Hunt Arena one of the greatest venues to enjoy a hockey game.

Even if you don’t like hockey or have never seen a game before, what have you got to lose?
We believe that once you go, you will want to keep coming back as the Falcons fight for a trip to the NCAA tournament once again.

Division III athletes put in just as much work as Division I athletes, but with no scholarships or fanfare to go with it.

Go support a group of young women that represent this University with pride, determination, and a strong showing of excellence.

Coach Joe Cranston has made the women’s hockey program into one of the best in the nation, and while we are a part of it, we should enjoy it every moment we can.