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February 6, 2023



Persuasion class project inspired UW-River Falls students to act

May 5, 2012

A persuasion class project inspired UW-River Falls students to fundraise for the River Falls Community Food Pantry. The six students worked together to create a Paper Bag Drive that resulted in 169 items donated Thursday, April 26.

The economy is taking a hard toll on the River Falls community and more people are in need of food then ever before. “The River Falls Community Food Pantry (RFcfp) served approximately 32 percent of the local population in 2011 compared to just 10 percent in 2009,” RFcfp Executive Director Janna Carl said.

Job loss has had a impact in the community. “We are seeing many formally dual income households, now struggling on one income and in many cases, helping them with food is a really big deal,” Carl said.

The UWRF group developed a plan to aid the RFcfp and community choosing to develop a donation plan as part of the class’s Persuasion Campaign Project.

The plan consisted of developing preliminary flyers telling the community who they were and their goal. The flyers were distributed on April 5 to 100 residents and detailed the group’s plans to return one week later with paper bags for the requested donations.

The second set of flyers were attached to handled brown paper bags, donated by Econo Foods, April 12. The bags and their goods were picked up on Sunday, April 15.

Of the 100 homes canvassed on Golf View Drive, 17 homes donated. Inventory revealed a total of 53 canned goods, eight bagged/packaged foods 12 toiletries, 16 dressings/seasoning, 27 boxed goods, seven snack foods, six jarred foods and 40 ramen/cup of noodles. A total of 169 items were donated.

The pantry needed most Janna Carl said, was money.

“Money is always an issue... as far as food goes, currently we are having a hard time getting peas, french cut beans, cereal and cream soups.”

To donate to the RFcfp consult their website for donation hours. Volunteers are needed including two board members and a weekly bookkeeper.

The Persuasion Class group consisted of: Lauren Klendshoj, Bradley Lindberg, Tricia Martin, Jessica Robertson, Chrissy Sykora and Rachel Woodman. All split the responsibilities of designing flyers, asking for donations, distribution, pick-up and communication.