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August 11, 2022




‘Get on the Bus’ travels to the Global Market

April 20, 2012

This previous weekend I was able to partake in the “Get on the Bus” program that is planned with Falcon Programs. The 22 of us got on the bus at 11 a.m. and we travelled to the cities to go to the Global Market. It was a free event and tickets were available at the information desk at the University Center.

My friend Jenny and I went together and we both didn’t really know what to expect since neither one of us have been there before. We got there around noon and when we walked in we were presently surprised with the contents. There were several different shops from different countries as well as food stands from different countries. We wanted to make sure we saw everything before we had to leave at 4 p.m.

We started at the first shop we saw which was from Tibet. They had countless dresses and jewelry, which were absolutely beautiful. We spent close to a half hour there just looking at all the dresses and trying them on. Jenny bought one of the dresses she tried on and then we made our way through the rest of the market.

We started walking around and found shops from Mexico, India, Africa and several others. There were so many neat things; I even got a new purse that was from Nepal. Walking through the Market there were so many different things to look at that it was hard to see everything. I’d say Jenny and I did a good job making sure we didn’t miss much of the products being displayed.

After about an hour and a half we decided we would try some of the food that was available. I chose a chicken sandwich from a Mexican restaurant called Manny’s Tortas that was absolutely amazing. It was really spicy but it was well worth the burning mouth. Jenny chose a Chinese entrée that she enjoyed as well. It was hard to pick just one item to try as everything smelled and looked delicious.

They had live music from different cultures that we listened to while we ate our lunch and they had a fresh produce section where you could purchase fruit and different drinks from different countries. It was cool to see things that you don’t really see in other places.

The Global Market had everything from dresses to shoes, to fresh baked bread to toys and candy. It certainly will keep you busy for hours.

When we checked our phones for the time, we discovered it was about time to head back to the bus. We were debating between smoothies and cupcakes for our final purchases but we finally settled on the smoothies and drank them while waiting for the bus to arrive for us to head back to school. All I have to say is, yum!

The Global Market was well worth the trip and Jenny and I really enjoyed looking at all the different things that the shops and restaurants had to offer. This was the second “Get on the Bus” program that I have attended and I am looking forward to future programs that will be offered. If you ever find yourself in the cities, I’d recommend checking out the Global Market.

Samantha Mayberry is a junior and is majoring in journalism. She is from Rochester, Minn., and loves to read, listen to music and take pictures.