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March 26, 2023




Tebowmania, NFL soap opera continues to move across the country

March 30, 2012

With all the NFL drama that has happened this off season, it almost has a MTV show feel to it. Personally, I just want to watch good football and I try to convince myself that its all just media hype but I cannot turn away from it. This is the reason that the media keeps blowing up the Tim Tebow hype, because as much as everyone complains, there is not many people out there who actually are turning away form the TV.

The Tebow story is the most intriguing story I have ever seen in the sports world. Never has one player who plays the actual game so average been this controversial. He is the butt of continuous jokes on the Internet, always a headline on ESPN, and has a big support base, lead by Skip Bayless.

I do not blame the Denver Broncos for taking a chance on Peyton Manning and trading Tebow. This was the best move for their organization. If Tim Tebow had landed with the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Miami Dolphins then I think he would have had a chance to succeed without too much pressure.

What I have a problem with is how Tebowmania just landed in the biggest media market in sports. In case you already forgot, the New York Jets ended their season in turmoil last season.

The New York Jets were coming off two back to back AFC championship losses before the 2011-2012 season, so they were a good team which people thought were real close to finally make to the push to the Super Bowl. Their head coach Rex Ryan, who constantly has to make himself the center of attention, once again predicted a Super Bowl championship for his Jets team.

The Jets became a laughing stock finishing at a weak 8-8 record. Ryan came out publically saying his quarterback Mark Sanchez was a great player and leader. The team did not agree as some of the Jets bashed Sanchez after the season saying he was lazy and a poor leader. Santonio Holmes the star wide receiver was fighting with many of his teammates and third string quarterback Greg McElroy took it upon himself to call the Jets team selfish.

What the New York Jets should have done this offseason is fire Ryan because he is not setting a responsible example for the locker room.

The head coach should not be running his mouth to the media but getting his team ready to play football without putting pressure on them. They should have hired some veterans who could lead in the locker room and show the young stars what it takes to win in this league. They should have brought someone in who could help mentor Mark Sanchez and compete with him to make him better. Almost anything the Jets could have done would be a better choice than what they actually did.

By bringing in the Tebow circus, they just created an even bigger distraction to a team full of enough problems as it is. They bring in a guy who puts negative pressure on a quarterback who already does not have his whole locker room behind him. The first interception Sanchez throws this year will be followed by boos and Tebow chants. Just ask Kyle Orton if you do not believe me.

The New York Jets are sure to be one giant soap opera this year and unfortunately, I and the rest of the football world can do nothing but sit back and watch it unfold.

Ryan Tibbitts is a freshman majoring in journalism. He loves all sports but obsesses over his Packers.