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March 22, 2023


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Students asked to gain cognizance of current social bullying issues

March 2, 2012

Bullying. We’ve all heard the term before. The Oxford English Dictionary defines bullying as being any form of overbearing insolence, personal intimidation, or petty tyranny. Bullying is manifested by the manipulation of force to affect others, particularly when the behavior is habitual and involves an imbalance of power.

In light of the recent school shooting at the Chardon high school in Ohio, that resulted in two wounded students and three dead, the Student Voice finds it pertinent to address the issue of bullying. Prosecutors have said that the student, T.J. Lane, 17, admitted to taking a gun to school and firing 10 rounds at students sitting at a cafeteria table early in the morning Monday, February 27. The New York Times reported that bullying and drugs were not related to Lane’s motivations behind the school shooting, and that he did not target any students in particular. However, it is so hard to believe that bullying did not play any sort of role in instigating this horrific event.

School shootings, any incident where gun violence occurs at an educational institution, occur more often than one may think and is a topic of intense interest in the United States. School shootings have been conducted by students of all races and backgrounds, confirming that there is no way of profiling a certain “type” of student who could become a potential perpetrator.

Realizing that school shootings occur so often opens one’s eyes to the harsh reality that bullying is, in fact, everywhere. Bullying can occur at school, at church, among family, at work, in neighborhoods and even between social groups, social classes and countries.

Bullying can be classified into two categories: direct bullying and indirect bullying (which is also known as social aggression). Social aggression, or indirect bullying, is characterized by attempting to socially isolate the victim. This isolation is achieved through a wide variety of techniques, including spreading gossip, refusing to socialize with the victim, bullying other people who wish to socialize with the victim, and criticizing the victim’s manner of dress and other socially significant markers (including the victim’s race, religion, sex, or sexual preference, etc.)

Ignorance and apathy fuel bullying. Ignorance of other’s ideologies and social standings results in a complete lack of respect and tolerance. Far too many individuals are guilty of apathy, simply doing nothing when bullying is detected.

As a campus that prides itself on inclusivity, let’s do something to stop the injustice and oppression.