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November 28, 2023



Great season for Falcon hoops

March 9, 2012

The day started with a lot of hype, excitement and expectations Friday as both men’s and women’s basketball teams were playing in the NCAA tournament for the first time in school history.

Unfortunately, Friday night ended with a women’s loss to Coe College by a score of 72-61. They fought back time after time but just could not close the gap. The ball seemed to refuse to go in as the Falcons only shot 29 percent from the field.

The women had a remarkable season, finishing with a 21-7 record. Later on Friday night it was the men hosting Edgewood in the first game and it got ugly at times for the Falcons. Down by 24 at one point the men came roaring back and had the game within five points, but it was just too late. The men lost the game 75-67. The men also had a season to remember finishing with a record of 20-8.

Falcon hoops fans were spoiled this year as both teams did so great. The women’s team seemed unstoppable at times especially early in the year when they started off with an 11-game winning streak. They were in the running for the conference title all year.

The men battled in out in conference all year as well and also had a chance to lock up the conference title against Whitewater in the last game of the year but lost down the wire. They got their revenge later on beating Whitewater and winning the WIAC tournament title.

It is very rare to get a team that is as special as both these teams were. They worked hard, had wonderful chemistry that was purely magical to watch, and were charismatic individuals to be around on campus. Basketball season is long and tiring, but it just seemed to end so fast. It is now a week later and I cannot grasp that I will not get to experience watching games again until next year.

These teams together gave us nine All- WIAC team players. Five form the men: Shane Manor, Brian Kimble, Wade Guerin, Ollie White and Aaron Anderson and four from the women: Tiffany Gregorich, Alise Holst, Maranda Dohrn and Nikki Guhr. This alone shows how talented all the way from the guard position to the post position both these teams were.

There is no doubt about the effort both these teams showed all the way down to the final seconds of the season. They gave everything they had and should feel absolutely nothing but a sense of accomplishment. I am so proud to be a Falcon hoops fans and as the season has came to an end there is nothing left to do but give a big thank you to these two teams and a special thank you to the wonderful senior class: Tiffany Gregorich, Alise Holst, Maranda Dohrn, Lauren Pellowiski, Shane Manor, Aaron Anderson, Brian Kimble and Wade Guerin.

You seniors gave everything you have and gave us fun basketball to watch for four years. You all played the game the way it should be played and will forever be missed.

Ryan Tibbitts is a freshman majoring in journalism. He loves all sports but obsesses over his Packers.