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September 26, 2023


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Make a difference, run for Senate

March 3, 2011

The Student Senate is a unique asset for students but involvement has been lacking.  There are currently seven vacancies on the senate and there will be 14 positions next semester that will need to be filled.

Although student awareness of issues that the senate is working on are improving, in part because we at the Student Voice have heightened our coverage of the senate, student participation is mediocre. 

There are 14 Student Senate positions open for next semester and we urge students to strongly consider applying.  The positions include: president, vice president, seven at-large senators, a representative for each college and a representative for non-traditional students.

The senate deals with a vast array of issues that pertain to student life, services, and interests.  Since fall semester, the senate has passed several proposals and reforms.  The Falcon Promise, which hinged on the support of the senate, passed Jan. 25.  The increase in differential tuition generated by the Falcon Promise will go towards undergraduate research, student scholarships, classroom renovations and supports additional tutoring.

The senate also revised the campaign rules that now clearly define what it means to campaign and eliminates the restriction on when a candidate can begin campaigning.

The Allocable Fees and Appropriation Board within the senate passed the budget that directs money for student organizations on March 1. 

These are just some examples of what the senate deals with and has control over.  The issues that the senate deals with have a direct impact on the student body. Without active and engaged
members, the mission of the senate will be undermined. 

The overall welfare of the UW-River Falls depends on a fuly engaged senate.  There is more, however, that needs to be considered. The senate must includes a cross section of the student body.  Then meaningful dialog that represents the diverse perspective of UWRF students can occur. 

Besides the fact that one can play an active role in improving the campus environment, involvement with the senate can have self-serving benefits as well. When future employers are reviewing numerous resumes, they will be impressed to see Student Senate participation.

In order for a student to get on the ballot, an application must be filled out and 50 signatures must be acquired by March 11. Applications can be picked up in the Involvement Center. Once this is done, the student will be placed on the ballot. Elections will be held April 4 and 5.