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Letter to the editor

Candidate encourages students, community to vote in election

March 25, 2010

I encourage you to vote on Tuesday, April 6. Voters will choose from several candidates to fill important positions.

One of these is Pierce County judge.
My family has a strong connection to UWRF. My wife is an alumna.  Her family sold the farm that eventually became the site of Hunt Arena and the parking area around it. 

Over the course of the past two years I have developed a 12-point plan based upon my 34 years in legal practice.  You can see this at my Web site:  www.electlobergjudge.com.

A cornerstone of my career as judge will be respect:  for litigants, witnesses, jurors and defendants. For students respect will mean scheduling matters taking into account class schedules, pre-final study periods, and finals week.

I will eliminate wasteful trips to Court.

For instance, a student who has received an underage or traffic ticket, and chooses to fight it, now goes to court for a plea hearing, pre-trial, and trial - three hearings!

I will allow a not guilty plea by mail and only one appearance for trial. 

When you look at my Web site you will see I have some concrete ideas for improvement to our system.

One is to create a community service program and to take a hard look at the types of jail sentences we now impose for petty offenses.

I will immediately implement diversion programs with respect to underage drinking and minor traffic offenses. I have always said I am not running just to be judge.

I am running to be judge and do something. I promise to implement real positive change in our system.

I will never forget when I am on the bench that I am there to serve the people, not the other way around. 

Bob Loberg
2010 Candidate for Judge