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December 1, 2023



Letter to the editor

Proposed ban harms couples

November 3, 2006

Being gay is not a choice, but the way you vote on Nov. 7 is. Since I found out about the proposed ban on civil unions and marriage, I have felt discriminated against and personally attacked. So I have joined in the fight against this proposed amendment.

The proponents of this amendment are attacking my life and my right to pursue happiness in the United States. I am a typical college student. I carry a full-time class load, work part time and am involved on campus, but there is one minor difference: I’m gay. I live my life with high moral and ethical standards and believe all people should be treated equally.

But this amendment is about more than gay marriage. Gay marriage is already illegal in Wisconsin, and this amendment carries unintended and unforeseen consequences.

The effects of similar bans in other states are extreme. In Ohio, 15 domestic violence charges have been dropped against unmarried men who were abusing their live-in girlfriends. In Utah, restraining orders are being challenged regarding men and women in unmarried heterosexual partner- ships. Domestic abuse workers fear that the vital 72-hour restraining order that can be placed on an abuser will be eliminated for unmarried people who are in compromising and life-threatening situations.

Passing this ban will make Wisconsin an uninviting, intolerant place.

My greatest fear is that I will wake up on Nov. 8 to an amend- ed constitution. A constitution that now discriminates -- not only against me -- but thousands of other straight and gay people across our state. Vote NO to the proposed constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage. Keep discrimination out of our state.

Lacey M. Felmlee