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February 3, 2023



Letter to the editor

Preachers misjudge music

September 29, 2006

I was not at the Student Center that day when the two street preachers were on campus, but I am appalled by the messages the street preachers were attempting to spread.

I understand, respect and promote the need for free speech in this country, but these two went too far.
To say, “If you listen to rock and roll, you will lose your soul” is completely ridiculous.

While there is some rock and roll that promotes evil, the devil and sins in general, most music, at least mainstream, has nothing to do with evil ways.

Had the preachers paid any attention to modern day music or culture they would see that not only rock and roll, but almost every genre of music that exists has a positive influence on the world.

In recent years the contributions brought to charities around the globe has been outstanding.

With musicians like Bono and charity events like telethons that raised millions of dollars after Sept. 11, the Southeast Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, these preachers should be praising rock and roll efforts.

I will not address the other issues the street preachers brought up, but I do think that their views were wrong.

I do say though that God and the Bible teach us not to hate, but rather to spread love and understanding throughout the world.

What these people were preaching was hate, and isn’t that a sin?

Brandon Kesler