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November 30, 2023



Global film festival hosted in Hudson

October 14, 2021

Death by Handshake
"Death by Handshake" is among films entered in the 2021 Manhattan Short Film Festival. It's about a teenager who copes with restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic by filming a witty love letter to New York City, his hometown. (Publicity photo)

The Manhattan Short Film Festival is a festival that takes place yearly all around the world. There are over 400 venues on six continents, including a venue in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Ten short films are picked, and they show over the course of a week in the venues. After all of the films are shown, viewers have a chance to vote for their favorite film and their favorite actor. Manhattan Short compiles the votes and announces the winners after the festival is done airing. All the films that are shown also have the opportunity to qualify for an Oscar, but that does not necessarily mean that they will.

This year’s films included Death by Handshake, directed by Hudson Flynn, which was about what the pandemic was like for a teenage boy living in New York City. 

Ganef, directed by Mark Rosenblatt, tells the story of a little girl who comes to believe that her house cleaner is a thief. 

In Bad Omen, directed by Salar Pashtoonyar, an Afghani woman struggles to buy glasses so that she can continue to work as a seamstress. 

Ex-paramilitaries take it upon themselves to enforce their own justice on the streets in Rough, directed by Adam Patterson and Declan Lawn. 

In Archibald’s Syndrome, directed by Daniel Perez, Archibald has a unique condition that allows him to make other people copy what he does with his hands. 

A young boy’s hopes to join a choir are almost dashed when his father gets in a fight with a refugee in The Kicksled Choir directed by Torfinn Iversen. 

Closed to the Light, directed by Nicola Piovesan, is a story about the executions of civilians during World War II in Lombardy, a region in Italy. 

In Out of Time, directed by Delphine Montaigne, Felix’s mother is told that Felix can no longer be on the premises, until he gives them a reason to let him stay. 

The only animated film, Aurora, directed by Jo Meuris, shows that it is okay to let your heart heal after it is broken. 

Finally, Monsieur Cachemire, directed by Iouri Philippe Paillé, is about a man who is trying to get a loan for his adventure.

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