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December 9, 2022



Letter to the editor

River Falls Pregnancy Helpline offers care for unplanned pregnancies

April 29, 2015

The River Falls Pregnancy Helpline is conveniently located right across from Family Fresh market. The center offers counseling and emotional support for women, men and families who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

Resources include free pregnancy tests and baby supplies--supplies that can be earned by completing education programs. Counselors at the Pregnancy Helpline provide education and information about options for those facing an unplanned pregnancy. The primary goal is that these individuals or families are equipped to make the best possible decision for themselves and their babies.

Counseling on relationships, sexually transmitted infections and contraception is also offered. In other words, the center offers support for those women, men and families who are not expecting a baby but who may want to just talk or be connected to resources.

All the trained counselors are very interested in listening to and providing support for the center’s visitors. The counselors do so in a confidential and caring manner. Exciting changes are coming at Pregnancy Helpline. The name will soon be changed to “Options for Women,” and the center will also be changing locations.

During the summer months, Pregnancy Helpline can be found in the campus Newman Center (on Cascade Street). Pregnancy Helpline is also excited about the creation of “Lifeguards,” the UW-River Falls Pro-Life Club on campus.

The "Lifeguards" value and support all human life, especially the life of the unborn child. "Lifeguards" work to educate and activate their fellow UWRF students on issues relating to the degradation of human life.

Anyone interested in finding out more about "Lifeguards" is encouraged to look for them on Facebook and FalconSync. In short, Pregnancy Helpline is a wonderful resource available to all women, men and families who are looking for support. The center is right here in River Falls and is waiting to offer warm and caring help to you or someone you may know.

For more information visit or call 425-8539. The Pregnancy Helpline can be contacted at Office hours vary, but the Pregnancy Helpline is open Monday though Saturday.

Marie Regnier
UW-River Falls student