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Dean Glenn Potts to retire this spring

March 14, 2014

After 38 years of employment at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Dean Glenn Potts in the College of Business and Economics is retiring his positions as professor and dean this spring.

In his earlier years, Potts had decided he wanted to be a professor; he respected his professors so much in college and learned so much that he knew teaching would be an enjoyable career. After graduating with a Ph.D. from Iowa State University, he took a position at UWRF in August, 1976. Being a professor for 33 years, he has only held his position as dean for the last five years.

Dean Glenn Potts plans to retire at the end of spring semester.
Dean Glenn Potts plans to retire at the end of spring semester. (Desi Danforth/Student Voice)

“The opportunity to share what you know to be important, and to help students understand important things that will be useful to them is a very rewarding job,” Potts said.

Potts said there is not much difference going from professor to dean, except the interaction with students and faculty in the classroom and hallways has declined. As a dean he said he has very few opportunities to interact with students. Spending half of his time working outside the University with alumni and the business community, he spends the other half of his time working within the University with faculty and administrative activities in the college.

“I feel like we as a college have accomplished a lot,” Potts said.

While reminiscing on his own college experiences, Potts said that he thought the best time in a person’s life was between 18 and 23 years of age, while enrolled in college. There are so many opportunities available; students are growing, learning to think and discover and while at a university they are learning to question and find a way to get answers and do new things. Potts continued to share that the change which occurs to students mentally during this time period is really incredible; once you are no longer in high school, when you are no longer naive and unworldly, by the time you are 22 you are ready to go out and function fully as a contributing adult in society. That is an amazing transformation.

“To be a faculty member you get to be part of the experiences and see the change every day,” Potts said. “Seeing the tremendous change and growth in the students is a joy and a treasure to have that opportunity.”

Even though Potts said he would miss the exciting atmosphere of energy and excitement the most, he still plans to be involved with the campus and the University. In particular he wants to work with the alumni and help find new ways to help provide funding for the University. Potts said the he thought college was great; he did not feel any pressure in college, and learned a lot while also benefitting a great deal from the education he received.

The University is currently searching with a committee primarily of staff and faculty from the Business and Economics College for a new dean. Potts said many applications have been received, and while he does not get to help with the hiring process, the college is hoping to announce someone by the end of April. The individual hired will take their position on July 1.