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C-Store sisters learn to work together, forge new bond

December 6, 2012

You may or may not have noticed something funny about Freddy’s C-Store this semester. This semester two students were hired to work at the C-Store. They are sisters. One of them is me.

I am a junior at UW-River Falls and my sister, Ashley, is a freshman. However, she’s always acted like the older sister. She was the first sister to apply, and I followed her (like always).

Ashley was actually the first sister to decide to attend UWRF. I followed as a transfer student. At first, we weren’t sure if we should tell our boss because we both needed a job, and the C-Store wanted us. It turned out to not be a problem. Instead, we’ve become quite attached to the C-Store and everything that comes with it.

Ashley is my best friend and I am hers. However, we are sisters first and have had our fair share of arguments. Living together for 18 years will result in a lot of arguments. Our mom was worried we would bicker too much to work with each other.

We bickered a lot, at first. I thought Ashley moved too slowly and she thought I was too high strung. More than one shift was spent in silence because we were giving each other the cold shoulder.

We have learned to work together. In fact, she’s the best co-worker I’ve ever had. I’m not afraid to tell her what I need or want. We are not afraid of each other’s criticisms because we have definitely heard worse. We have “sister sense.” I can tell when she’s crabby or stressed, and vice versa. We might as well be twins because we think so alike. I know I can count on her.

Working together is usually a riot. I’m assuming that you are all familiar with the music the University Center plays. When the music is good, we are known to turn the music up and dance all around the store. Many customers have walked into the store during a particularly embarrassing dance move. Ashley and I laugh through most of our shift. I can make her laugh with one look and she says the most hilarious things, usually unintentionally. Example: “Isn’t Liam Neeson on Gossip Girl?” (She was thinking about Leighton Meester).

We do more than make each other laugh. I know that Ashley will work hard to complete tasks even if we are not working together. We talk about work all the time, and how we can improve to make the next shifts easier and more productive. One of our main tasks is making sandwiches; we are always helping out each other with wrapping and labeling.
Sometimes I feel like I have two bosses: my real boss and Ashley. If I can make Ashley happy, I know I’ve done a good job.

I was excited to work with Ashley this semester, but I never thought work could make us closer. I thought we had a bond before this semester, but it pales in comparison to our friendship now.

So if you see two tall girls dancing and laughing at the C-Store, give us all the weird looks you want. We are having the time of our lives.

Amanda White is a junior majoring in journalism. She appreciates good books, good style, and good conversation.