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July 14, 2024


‘Immortals’ features visually compelling action, lacks plot

December 2, 2011

When sitting in the theatre to watch “Immortals,” I felt my testosterone going as I knew what I was in for. From the producers of “300” comes another epic, artistic and blood soaked thrill ride. Well, minus the thrill. The story is based around a man named Theseus, played by Henry Cavill, who is chosen by Zeus to help the human race fight against a ruthless leader, King Hyperion, played by Mickey Rourke. Yes, that Mickey Rourke who should win an award this season for hamming it up as much as he is in this film. You can tell he is just having fun with this role that requires him to grunt, moan, eat, and kill people.

Theseus is now on a quest with a small group of warriors and a virgin oracle that can see into the bleak future of mankind. He must find a weapon that has the ability to destroy any army that stands in front of it. The only problem is King Hyperion is also trying to find this deadly bow, along with releasing an army of mutants that could spell the end of the humans and the beginning of his new regime. Zeus and the rest of the gods are forced to watch the human race slowly dwindle with the only hope relying on Theseus’s shoulders.

I feel that the summary I have given makes this film seem like it has a strong plot and story; well it doesn’t.

There is practically zero, but to make up for this, many gallons of blood will be spilled. How many head explosions, decapitations, spear stabs, and dismemberments are there in “Immortals?”

Far too many to count. I have to admit I loved every minute of it. The fight sequences were done masterfully and beautifully, which will make any guy get excited to see what kill scene will happen next.
It is not just the action scenes that look good, but the whole movie in general looks absolutely gorgeous. Director Tarsem Singh (“The Cell”) put such attention to every little detail, from warrior’s armor to all the different backdrops. He also loves large set pieces, some green screened, but some real, and all look absolutely gorgeous. That is really all “Immortals” has going for it and that is what it is aiming at. Trying to suck in that young man demographic that loved “300” much like I did.

I will admit that this film is mindless, drawn out, and at times boring. When looking back at what was really good about this film I can give you two short scenes randomly throughout the film and the last fifteen minutes that are only great due to the action. This is what I call a guilty pleasure movie that you love even when you know it is not very good.

Rourke is also great even with such a cartoonish role. So with all that said, I have to give “Immortals” a mild recommendation to those who want to watch a movie like this.

Dustyn Dubuque is a history major and geography minor that has a love and passion for film. He watches over 100 films each year and loves Academy Awards season.