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15 Oct 2009

Obama health care fails to fix national problem

I am not racist, and respect the commander-in-chief. No one should favor the status quo on heath care. We do need change in this country, but with Mr. Obama we do not get change, we get Carter polices with a glossy finish. Nice words do not alter this republic’s slow drift towards government control of […]

31 Oct 2008

McCain proves to be a balanced choice

Vote John McCain to keep government divided as Pelosi and Reid tilt to the left. We don’t need change of the old, just balance to secure our future and the brighter days ahead.

17 Apr 2008

Support student for vice president

UW-River Falls Student Senate has become an echo chamber of singular thought.

13 Dec 2007

Ron Paul doesn’t match the hype

I write this in response to Jon Hager’s column last week. Ron Paul is a fiscal conservative, but he is an idiosyncratic libertarian. I’m glad he is pro-life; however, his libertarian beliefs would mean it is a woman’s body, so she has ownership. Paul has, at various times, pledged to eliminate the CIA, IRS and […]

21 Sep 2007

Memorial heartens college Republicans

I, on behalf of the College Republicans, want to thank the entire campus community for their overwhelming positive response to the 9-11 We Remember Project.

29 Sep 2006

Pope’s words were not his own

Pope Benedict XVI used the words of a 14th century emperor who claimed that Muhammad sought to spread faith by the sword. The pope was speaking to a German university about faith and reason and didn’t endorse the concept, but rather attempted to create a dialogue.