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May 27, 2024


Letter to the editor

Obama health care fails to fix national problem

October 15, 2009

I am not racist, and respect the commander-in-chief.

No one should favor the status quo on heath care. We do need change in this country, but with Mr. Obama we do not get change, we get Carter polices with a glossy finish. Nice words do not alter this republic’s slow drift towards government control of all things.

We should not disagree on the gravity of health care issues, but I disagree on the notion that a large bill crafted in Washington, D.C., read by very few in Congress can really provide the solutions Americans need. The increase of health care costs has risen, and to blame this on one group, say the insurance industry, is dishonest. Many reasons for cost inflation exist.

Real reform would be a combination of private health care cooperatives, actual medical tort reform, the modernization of health care records, and the creation of tax-free health care savings accounts—allowing real competition so folks can buy more plans across state and regional boundaries.

The government should not be the health police, but we should use good common sense behavior. If you don’t smoke, you should not pay the same as someone who does.
Medicare and Medicaid are entitleents which we created and our seniors paid into. If Democrats favor bending the cost curve by cuts to these programs, so be it, but then be honest about it and tell the American people your intentions.

Does any citizen think the middle class can have better coverage then the current, insure more citizens, not raise taxes, and not make cuts to seniors?

In the final analysis, this bill is $1.3 trillion over 10 years, and yet 25 million Americans will remain uninsured. It is an expensive exercise in public policy folly.
Nicholas Carow