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July 22, 2024

Letter to the editor

Support student for vice president

April 17, 2008

UW-River Falls Student Senate has become an echo chamber of singular thought.

Facebook reveals a Student Senate dramatically different than the whole UWRF student body.  Certain groups have a disproportionate amount of influence due to the ills of rampant cronyism.

Casie Kelley is a unique candidate, who seeks to be Vice President not out of ego, or resume building.

Kelley is driven by a quiet devotion to a more effective and efficient student government.

Ms. Kelley has traveled to almost every UW Campus and seen different ideas, innovations, and governing styles. Kelley is a deliberate yet decisive decision maker whose organization skills are unparalleled.   

Ms. Kelley will bring more metrics and accountability to the student government and ask questions which should be asked often in the circular world of student government are never voiced. 

Kelley is a small business entrepreneur, leader in her church, volunteer in her community and effective activist in politics.

Change has become a buzz word this electoral year, and only one candidate for vice president offers a chance for a clean break from the feckless leadership of the past.

Vote Kelley for vice president April 22 and April 23 for a government which is effective, efficient, diverse and innovative.

Nicholas Carow,