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May 29, 2024



Letter to the editor

Ron Paul doesn’t match the hype

December 13, 2007

I write this in response to Jon Hager’s column last week.

Ron Paul is a fiscal conservative, but he is an idiosyncratic libertarian. I’m glad he is pro-life; however, his libertarian beliefs would mean it is a woman’s body, so she has ownership. Paul has, at various times, pledged to eliminate the CIA, IRS and Department of Education, and endorsed a million dollar private bounty for Bin Laden in Afghanistan. He endorses the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, regardless of consequences and a return to non-interventionist foreign policy. The reality would be a full-blown retreat of American interests around the world. Paul would let genocide continue in Darfur because it is not in the United States’ interests. No, Paul will not win a primary, or nomination, and his revolution has been most likely successful because of his full throated articulation of anti-war views, rather than his libertarian ones.

The Ron Paul revolution will fail because he offers rants and hysterics instead of realistic solutions. Paul can stay and represent the people of district 14 of Texas. I doubt the GOP wants him as our nominee.

Nicholas Carow