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April 25, 2024



Letter to the editor

McCain proves to be a balanced choice

October 31, 2008

The last eight years have been too far to the right for most Americans. To get the country moving again, Obama wants to move us to the same extreme, but on the left. Sen. Obama seeks to change our county, but what is this change he speaks so well of? It is the change of the old, a dressed up, blogged version of a New Deal, where Sen. Obama will change the current tax code to radically take away from some to give to others?

McCain equals balance. He is center right, not far right; he fought against Fannie and Freddie, fought with Feingold on campaign finance and with Joe Lieberman on global warm- ing. McCain fought for a successful strategy in Iraq; Sen. Obama wanted to destabilize the region in a rapid pullout. Iraq has changed in way that even hope is possi- ble.

Obama, with 143 days in the Senate before his quest for presidency, has run more attack ads against McCain than McCain has run ads period. Obama refused to do town halls with McCain and forced the McCain to debate foreign policy on a Friday night just to make sure nobody actually watched the debate.

John McCain has fought the left and the right in his years as a U.S. senator and has fought for his country in a way few can understand. What has Sen. Obama ever done other than write and speak? Where are his legislative accomplishments? When did Sen. Obama ever disagree with the left wing of his party?

Vote John McCain to keep government divided as Pelosi and Reid tilt to the left. We don’t need change of the old, just balance to secure our future and the brighter days ahead.

Nicholas Carow
River Falls