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July 3, 2022


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01 Apr 2011

UC solicitation awareness

As a student at UWRF that pays big bucks for the operations of the University Center, I think that students would benefit to know that while inside the UC, you are protected from solicitors. I was approached by a well-dressed […]

24 Feb 2011

Student voices opinion on Budget Repair Bill

Dear Editor, “Hands off my teachers” is a protest sign that I would gladly hold high… so long as it’s directed towards the unions. I’ve never bargained my own contract or fought to enforce good working conditions so it’s naïve […]

07 Apr 2010

Vice chair of organization upset over artist’s take on budget cuts

The cartoonist’s misconstrued depiction of the Allocable Fee Appropriation Board (AFAB) is just another saddening manifestation of AFAB’s biggest enemy: misinformation. It is for this reason that this otherwise innocent satire now serves as a medium for emotions and logistics […]

18 Feb 2010

Student shares concern over professor accountability

We’ve all had that professor. Whether s/he is, said respectfully, blatantly arrogant, intolerably inadequate for educational instruction, or profoundly apathetic towards his/her personal career choice, we the students make our way to class day after day. How do we get […]

05 Nov 2009

Campus response shows vulnerability

When fifteen were killed at Columbine, I agree. When Michael Hatch, for whom the Ten Commandments in my church is dedicated to, was beat to death with a tire iron because he was “special” and a “queer,” I agree. When […]

18 Sep 2009

Efforts in sustainability outlast Green movement

The nationwide “green movement” has been a breeding ground of special interests of all varieties in the name of protecting the environment.

07 Nov 2008

Conservative shows respect for Obama

Last night, America spoke. We have elected a new leader for this country. I agree strongly with the ideals head by conservatives, but I speak now to make an example to be respected: Sen. Barack Obama will be MY President.

03 Oct 2008

Student requests others to be aware

Typically, I don’t think someone who saves me hundreds of dollars per year as a dictator. Textbook Services (TS) is a wonderful resource on this campus and I would say nothing to discredit their extremely efficient and money-saving operation.

18 Sep 2008

Silencing Brother Jed

It’s that time of year again when our controversial comrade invades the sanctity of our lives. Brother Jed’s “ministry” feeds off of queasy Christians, gays, women, and otherwise the entire human race…it’s not exactly news.  As always, there are the […]