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May 20, 2024


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Letter to the editor

Silencing Brother Jed

September 18, 2008

It’s that time of year again when our controversial comrade invades the sanctity of our lives. Brother Jed’s “ministry” feeds off of queasy Christians, gays, women, and otherwise the entire human race…it’s not exactly news.  As always, there are the noble men and women who will fight with valiance an futility to defend their beliefs against this incompetent insurgent of faith as if they were Freud defending the Oedipus Complex. That-a-boy: You sure showed him.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I support Brother Jed’s audacity to come in and preach his hate sermons for two reasons. First and foremost, extremists like that punctuate their vacuity by merely stating what they believe, personally providing the sole reason not to believe a damn thing they have to say. Secondly, Brother Jed operates on the same 1st amendment that allows me to believe, say, or write whatever I wish. Luckily, it works for you too! As a matter of fact, you have the power to nullify Brother Jed’s missionary. And no, you won’t do it by developing the righteous argument that will convince him his piquant believes are a little more than the prepubescent visions of Satin’s retarded cousin.

Instead, avoid him like the plague. That way, his disease won’t spread and we won’t waste time and effort trying to “cure” him. After all, we can’t take away his right to free speech unless someone physically shut him up (and I’d be so sad), but who would be offended by his words if it were only him listening? So please, if you wish to discourage this man from preaching, take a hint from New York taxi cab drivers: Flip him the bird, then carry on.

Jordan Harshamn