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February 3, 2023



Letter to the editor

Conservative shows respect for Obama

November 7, 2008

Last night, America spoke. We have elected a new leader for this country. I agree strongly with the ideals head by conservatives, but I speak now to make an example to be respected: Sen. Barack Obama will be MY President.

Conservatives whose hearts fell when we lost Ohio and Pennsylvania, from who the outcome of this election may seem as though our worst nightmare has come true, I encourage to throw ours’, and all citizens’, full support for Sen. Obama.

It has been too long that we have utterly disrespected the leader of our country. The president of the United States of America should be the most respected person. To disrespect that position is to disrespect the very citizens that elected him. We as U.S. citizens should not sink to that level.

Republicans, can we respect and support one of the most liberal senators to become our leader, even when we may fundamentally disagree with him? I answer in the words that have served a man that I will one day call President Obama: Yes we can.

Jordan Harshman, student