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September 22, 2023



Kris Evans

04 May 2007

Desired lessons learned out of the classroom, valuable

I'm going to write a column about me. A lousy and selfish topic, I know, but as readers of the Student Voice, it's nothing you're not used to. I'm not used to this kind of writing, but here it goes.

27 Apr 2007

Racial slurs acceptable only in certain cases

In light of the "Imus scandal," Time Magazine recently ran a spread that asked the question, "Who Can Say What?" When are racial slurs acceptable to use?

20 Apr 2007

Americans don’t ask right questions

Is it a week to be funny? Some say now more than ever. My gut tells me to make a serious comment on the Virginia Tech. shooting, though I know my words will have no power to hallow this searingly memorable day more than those who have died.

12 Apr 2007

Iraq war and soldiers need support from Americans

Call me John Q. American. Why? Because I believe in real American values. I believe in the holy principle of freedom, the resurrection of Reagan conservatism and the everlasting support of our president and our troops.

06 Apr 2007

UWRF men explained to help women

As soon as it was published, I regretted promising a “Types of Men” column. Not because I think men are exempt from reproach, but because I wanted to show the opposite side.

23 Mar 2007

Columnist explains UWRF women

For the last year and a half, I have been a member of a very secret and special club, the He-Man Woman Haters Club. It was started by Alf-Alfa and Spanky and all the rest of the Little Rascals from the classic show “Our Gang.”

08 Mar 2007

There is no hope for Africa

No amount of volunteerism or money can save it from a history of colonialization and a present situation of warlords, disease and corrupt governments.

02 Mar 2007

Global warming is a world concern

I listen to Sean Hannity on the radio every day, not because I think he’s a good American, but because it’s important to know your enemy. The issue he has been flooding the airwaves with lately is the issue of global warming, saying it is an anti-capitalist agenda, a fear tactic perpetrated by Democrats, and above all, failed science.

22 Feb 2007

Teachers should be paid on performance

The key to student success in America’s schools is motivated and well-paid teachers. If students are to compete in a world market, schools are going to need well educated, certified, well-paid teachers who are paid according to market principles.

16 Feb 2007

Reciprocity unequal due to tuition hikes

Tuition reciprocity is a beautiful thing. It offers variety and affordability to students who would otherwise not be able to afford college. Today, this long standing agreement between Minnesota and Wisconsin is in jeopardy because of an inequality in what the students pay.

Kris Evans

Kris Evans is a student at UW-River Falls.