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Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee is a student at UW-River Falls.

22 Sep 2016

Lee: ‘Black Dahlia’ still an unsolved mystery

The Black Dahlia murder is the most famous, unsolved murder in California history. The real story couldn’t have been scripted better -- a young girl moves out to Hollywood to become a star (she was beautiful), doesn’t make it (but making some porn is close), and ends up naked and gutted like a deer in the middle of suburbia (nice rack!).

27 Mar 2008

Tension, competition mount between local coffee shops

The world of business is known for the rivalries between great owners like Rockefeller and Carnegie, and great products like Apple versus Microsoft. But nothing has prepared River Falls for the battle of the coffee shops. Hot Spot Coffee House and Billiards, Kinni Coffee and Lounge and Lighthouse Coffee,  now occupy three downtown properties in […]

21 Feb 2008

Gospel choir to celebrate Black History Month

For the past three years, the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir has been coming to UW-River Falls to spread its message of love through song, and this year is no exception.   The Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir will be performing a Black History Month program at 8 p.m., Feb. 27, in the North Hall […]

14 Feb 2008

Campus-wide events honor Black History Month

February is known as the month of love, the month when a rodent tells you how the weather is going to be and the month that is strangely short a few days. But it is also the month of cultural pride for many around the nation. February is Black History Month.   Black History Month […]

07 Feb 2008

Twin Cities' musician performs on campus

Musician Ari Herstand helped to kick off the Univeristy Center’s birthday bash at the Falcons Nest Jan. 28. The event also included activities for students to work on suh as decorating your own picture frame, eco-friendly canvas grocery bags and making friendship braclets. According to Tanya Hartwig, the Student Events Manager, about 125 students came […]

04 Oct 2007

Inaccuracy of facts injures reputation

I am writing in regards to my name and “situation” which was printed in the “River Falls Police/Public Safety” section of your first printed issue.  As a fellow journalism student and former critic of film and music for your paper, I am very humiliated and disappointed with your reporting. The first rule that we are […]

08 Feb 2007

Fall Out Boy's new album fails to impress

Back when I was in high school, I remember being one of the first girls to jump on the emo, pop punk bandwagon. I bought a pair of Chucks, dyed my hair hot pink, wore too many plastic bracelets, and bought Fall Out Boy’s first album, Evening Out With Your Girlfriend.  From then on, I […]

01 Feb 2007

Twin Cities band, Ice Land, begins to break out

There is a little part in all of us that dreams of becoming a rock star. Every time your roommate plugs a small red guitar into a PlayStation for a round of Guitar Hero or a drunken girl ill advisedly takes the mic at karaoke, they can pretend for a few minutes to rock out […]

09 Nov 2006

Lee: ‘Fathers’ brings battle to life

It’s hard for war movies, or any nonfiction pieces, to give real justice to the men and women who are portrayed in them. Directors and producers blow things out of proportion, memories fade, and everyone ends up a martyr or hero at the end.

02 Nov 2006

Lee: Blood, guts, gore cannot replace a movie plot

There’s nothing like a good, old fashioned slasher film to really get the Halloween spirit going.