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April 25, 2024



Letter to the editor

Inaccuracy of facts injures reputation

October 4, 2007

I am writing in regards to my name and “situation” which was printed in the “River Falls Police/Public Safety” section of your first printed issue.  As a fellow journalism student and former critic of film and music for your paper, I am very humiliated and disappointed with your reporting. The first rule that we are taught in journalism is to get all the facts straight—names, ages, locations, etc. This establishes your credibility as a news institution.

  My age is not 23 and as much as a lady hates to admit her true age, I am 22. If you had any questions about this information, you could have called or sent an email; it’s not hard. 

  I think you relied too much on the weekly police blotter, and assumed it to be true, but you made an “ASS out of U and Me.” Just because it comes from a credible source doesn’t mean that you don’t have to double check the information. That is lazy reporting. You should have learned better from the amazing journalism professors and staff we have here. 

My age discrepancy is small potatoes compared to the detail of my offense that you printed. You reported that I was sent to L.E. Phillips in Chippewa Falls, WI.  SWING AND A MISS. The L.E. Phillips-Libertas Center is a live-in facility for addicts who receive daily counseling and treatment for the ailments that hinder a productive lifestyle. I spent one night in a legitimate county hospital in Eau Claire. When you publish poor information, it doesn’t just affect your paper or inform a general public. Two weeks ago, you basically printed to the entire campus that I spent days in a rehab facility—which I didn’t. Do you understand what that does to my reputation and standing in the UWRF community? Because of your misinformation, I look like a crackhead instead of a typical college student that had one too many keg stands. I am humiliated that you would print such devastatingly wrong information. You should know better, and I am VERY disappointed in the quality of your journalistic performance.
  At least you spelled my name right.

Jenna Lee