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November 28, 2022



Emma Wagner

28 Feb 2013

Academic Success Center expands tutoring services

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is gearing up for a new semester with their usual services and a few changes.

13 Dec 2012

UW System offers flexible degree option

The UW System is now offering the option of a flexible degree to students. A flexible degree means that students who cannot physically come to campus can take their courses online in order to earn their college degree. This initiative was put in motion by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in June of 2012.

06 Dec 2012

J Term classes help students

Fall semester at UW-River Falls ends on Dec. 20.
J Term starts on Dec. 22 and ends Jan. 26.
Classes will be not be held Dec. 25, Dec. 26, 2012, or Jan. 1, 2013.

29 Nov 2012

Facebook popularity creates emotional wall

The Pew Institute estimated that in 2010 more than 70 percent of young adults in the United States use Facebook. According to a study published in “Information, Communication & Society,” the study concluded that use of Facebook did not affect academic performance among college freshman.

08 Nov 2012

England pub culture differs in many ways from American bars

England is known for its pub culture, and in a lot of ways that is good. Going to the pub provides a socially healthy experience. There is a significant difference in how time at the pub is perceived between English people and Americans.

08 Nov 2012

Music department to host November concerts

The UWRF music department is holding several music concerts during the month of November. The date range of the concerts is Nov. 3 to Nov. 29.

25 Oct 2012

Study abroad in China offered to students in spring 2013

UW-River Falls is offering an opportunity for students to study abroad in China in the spring semester of 2013. The options are to spend a semester in China from February through May, or spend a year abroad.

25 Oct 2012

Making positive changes to special education programs

Disabilities and academics might not go together in the minds of educators. Seeing someone who has a disability, such as difficulty walking, might lead educators to think that the student is not academically strong.

18 Oct 2012

Cascade Project delayed after hang-ups

The Cascade Avenue project is coming to an end after six months. The estimated ending date was Oct. 12, 2012. However, due to lighting difficulties, the opening of the road has been delayed.

05 Oct 2012

Student Senate election held to fill first-year, CBE positions

Student Senate elections will be held on Monday, Oct. 8 and Tuesday, Oct. 9. Students will be sent an email link that directs them to the ballot. This is the only way to vote in the election.

Emma Wagner

Emma Wagner is a UW-River Falls student.