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June 22, 2024

Study abroad in China offered to students in spring 2013

October 25, 2012

UW-River Falls is offering an opportunity for students to study abroad in China in the spring semester of 2013.

The options are to spend a semester in China from February through May, or spend a year abroad.

Students of any major can study in China. The program is also open to students working on their global perspectives general education requirement. It can also fill a multidisciplinary requirement. Meeting with advisors can help students decide how studying abroad best fits into their major.

Classes are being offered at the Zhejiang International Studies University and the credits go toward majors at UWRF. There is no specific major that travels to China; students in any major can travel abroad.

However, for the 2013 spring semester, popular fields of study are global business and society and merchandise planning and control. Students can also study modern east Asian literature and cinema.

Required classes to be taken at UWRF are Experience China: Society and Cultural Immersion and Experience China: From Ancient Culture to a Modern Global Force.

Coming from abroad, UWRF students are also required to take a class at UWRF - this includes things such as the customs and norms of China.

This can familiarize students with Chinese culture and give them ideas about customs and norms before they arrive.

Learning about the culture, customs and norms of China, including the Chinese language, can help students prepare for a semester or a year in a country they might not have been to before. Preparing can be helpful in terms of customs and what is culturally acceptable. Not knowing some of the differences in culture might make traveling abroad difficult, so preparation is important.

As well as studying the subject of their major, traveling abroad can give students something that they might not learn in their home country, such as experiencing diversity of the culture in China and the differences in schooling. This can be helpful because much of students’ time will be spent studying in China.

Learning a new language can be difficult, however.

Prior knowledge of the Chinese language will be helpful for students.

Studying for the subject of a major in China for a semester or a year can give students the opportunity to explore the customs and culture of the country, and experience the differences in the study of their subject between China and the United States.

Courses in immersion can help students prepare for their time abroad.

Depending on their field of study, students can learn about the difference in study of a given subject.

Students planning to spend a semester, or an entire year, abroad in China can gain a new experience.