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June 25, 2022


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Keighla Schmidt

04 May 2007

Skydiving teaches important lesson

“Wear comfortable clothes,” were the only instructions I was given as a clue to my secret adventure planned for this past Sunday. All week I was purposely given an array of clues that led to nothing but confusion.

02 Feb 2007

Selfish political hopes explained with poker

Despite the next presidential election being nearly 21 months away, it’s weighing on my mind. Through talking to some of my friends and family, I know I’m not the only “average Jane” with it on her mind. While I’ve usually been pretty exclusive with whom I choose to talk politics with, this seems like an appropriate venue to open up.

09 Nov 2006

Minneapolis musician returns to RF, hopes to open hearts with songs

Baring your soul to anyone who will listen at the risk of facing societal shame is not an easy undertaking to pound. But when the benefit is perceived to outweigh the hazard, it’s not so difficult.

02 Nov 2006

Festival celebrates diversity

To teach people about cultures different from their own, live music, a fashion show and a play all revolving around cultures are being presented by the Asian American Student Association (AASA) in the form of the Cultural Fest.

26 Oct 2006

Jazz, open mic expose creativity

As the jazz chart jams in the background, some people chatter and others work on homework in the mood-setting lighting. Still others are tuning instruments or rehearsing in their heads. Sound like a chic uptown café ? Or Brandy’s?

19 Oct 2006

Diversity groups coordinate costume party

Ghosts, witches, superheroes and otherwise are all invited to celebrate diversity at the Diversity Awareness Committee (DAC) Haunted Halloweekend dance party and costume contest on Friday, Oct. 27. The party is held in the South Fork Suites conference room from […]

12 Oct 2006

Johnny Holm Band comes back

Homecoming is an event schools set up to welcome alumni back to their alma mater.  This year UW-River Falls welcomes back The Johnny Holm Band. The band has been absent from UW-RF for a few years, and this year the […]

28 Sep 2006

Local accidents shake up students, kill RF woman

Two UW-River Falls students were transported by ambulance following a two-vehicle accident shortly before 2 p.m. Wednesday. Traffic on Cascade Avenue was stalled after a Pontiac Bonneville rear-ended a Ford Contour between the intersections of Third and Fourth Streets. According […]

28 Sep 2006

The Big Event

Fighting AIDS is not a task someone can do alone. Recognizing this, the Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC) at UW-River Falls has joined up with an awareness organization and local bands to raise money for AIDS-orphaned children through a benefit […]

21 Sep 2006

New-club movin’ on up

"I remember the day I fell in love with hip-hop," the opening line in the movie "Brown Sugar" says. It's a line two UW-River Falls students want to help their peers answer by starting a breakdancing club.

Keighla Schmidt

Keighla Schmidt is a student at UW-River Falls.