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November 30, 2022



Kimi-Chaia Lindberg

28 Apr 2010

Green Bay Packers pleased with draft results, look forward to upcoming season

Welcome to Wisconsin. Land of the Packer fans. Although we are a border town, you’re still in Packer territory. Even though the stores here cater to both, don’t confuse where you are. You are still in Wisconsin after all. I […]

28 Apr 2010

New immigration law passed in Arizona promotes intolerance

Police officers in Arizona are now allowed to stop citizens they have “reasonable suspicion” may be an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States.” Wasn’t this one of the qualities we despised in communist states such as the […]

21 Apr 2010

‘National Day of Prayer’ in violation of religious freedom

I congratulate District Judge Crabb for declaring the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional. You, ma’am, have taken another step towards true religious freedom in the United States. Our government needs a purely secular backdrop to operate. Judge Crabb ruled on […]

14 Apr 2010

Traditions, tips for college studentsʼ most popular recreational lawn games, sports

Aside from frisbee golf (frolfing?) and broomball, bean bags have to be the biggest summer time hit for the college age recreational athlete. While frisbee golf is often regarded as the pastime of hippy-like college students, the bean bag spans […]

07 Apr 2010

Rainy day activities keep students occupied inside

The rainy season seems to be upon us, and with it a desperate need for distraction. Almost as bad as being trapped in during the winter, but with the hope of sunnier days. Rainy days are a peaceful time spent […]

31 Mar 2010

Sarah Palin’s actions have similarities to McCarthyism

Sarah Palin incites violence against healthcare proponents. And she’s doing it with avid listeners. Who are the people that can believe the hateful things she says on an almost daily basis? The woman who failed to name a newspaper she […]

24 Mar 2010

Columnist compares Passover and Easter traditions while explaining little-known facts

While stemming from the traditions of two different religions, Easter and Passover have a lot in common. Here are some facts that you may not have known about these upcoming holidays. Passover Passover is the oldest continuously celebrated Jewish holiday. […]

10 Mar 2010

Columnist offers numerous suggestions for improvement around UW-River Falls

Not everyone looks like you. Not everyone believes what you do. Not everyone wants the same things that you want. Basic concepts and yet they seem to escape the grasp of the University’s programming. With last semester’s demonstration of the […]

05 Mar 2010

Professors should not place great emphasis on technology

Since the first professor brought a VHS into the classroom, technology has created both passageways and barriers. As one of my parting gifts (this being my last semester), I give you a list of how technology has harmed me while […]

24 Feb 2010

Holidays such as Mardi Gras celebrate life, people

Somewhere deep in the human nature struggling against the urge to be unique is a dark urge to be unknown. Once a year the human conscience needs release. This submerged drive is the root of masquerades, masked holidays, Mardi Gras, […]

Kimi-Chaia Lindberg

Chaia means life and Kimi-Chaia Lindberg tries to live it to the fullest. Writing is what she loves. Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese and English are the words she uses. Tel Aviv is where she is inspired.