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Rainy day activities keep students occupied inside

April 7, 2010

The rainy season seems to be upon us, and with it a desperate need for distraction. Almost as bad as being trapped in during the winter, but with the hope of sunnier days. Rainy days are a peaceful time spent inside in which we have the opportunity to do a list of interesting things. Here are a few I’ve thought up.

Bake: It gives you something to do, and the product is delicious. Totally worth the mess you make in the kitchen. Leave it for another time to clean up; relax and enjoy all of your sugar filled creations. You never can go wrong with a $1.50 worth of cake mix and an entire evening to indulge in your chocolate coated fantasies. I have played with this Web site for hours. Pick your subject preferences (I recommend humor), and you’ll spend hours surfing the web at random. It’s way better than trying to find all the funny stuff yourself.

Build a fort: You may not be a kid anymore, but this still remains on the top ten list of absolutely fun things to do. Drape a few blankets over chairs and stuff the tent with pillows. Whether you’re in there with a book, a movie or a boyfriend, the excitement never ends.

Learn something new: I know we spend a lot of time learning things, but take the time to learn something that has nothing to do with your major. A foreign langauge, juggling, quarter tosses. You can also enter something of interest to you into Wikipedia and follow the links for hours of learning. It’s amazing where random clicking will get you.

Repeat everything with a French accent: High amusement potential, especially within the first few minutes. Repeat everything the T.V., your friends, or your radio says with a French accent. Aside from sounding extremely cool, you will also be developing a skill useful if you’re planning on playing Lancelot in Camelot.

Have a water-gargling contest: See who can gargle water the longest. Extra points awarded to people who make interesting gargling noises. The amusement potential is roughly a half hour to forty-five minutes. Benefits in group inclusion.

Dress up your pets: Find or make clothing that will flatter your pet. If you have henna dye, you could also try and turn them different colors. If you possess a skill with scissors, I believe puppies look best with a mohawk. Just my opinion, however. 

Document your day in photographs: Take pictures of all the simple things you do during your rainy day. Try to exclude things that should remain private. It might be a fun way to learn more about your daily habits, or another pointless album of photos on Facebook.

Cut out photos, glue them on sticks and perform your very own puppet show.

Gather all your roommates and entertain them with your Jeff Dunham impressions.

Make lists: This is what got me through my rainy day. Any random thing you can think of and start listing. The amusement potential is around ten minutes, but afterwards you feel justifiably organized.

There you go. A list of things you can do to entertain yourself and those around you during the rainy season. These are not all the possibilities however! Feel free to come up with your fun and exciting ways to avoid boredom.

Chaia means life and Kimi-Chaia Lindberg tries to live it to the fullest. Writing is what she loves. Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese and English are the words she uses. Tel Aviv is where she is inspired.